Reporter Shrieked Profanity At The Supreme Court When It Was Clear Kennedy Was Retiring

It’s not just self-admitted Democrats that are reeling following the retirement announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. The press is completely up in arms as well. And it’s not just the pundits and clearly biased tv hosts that are freaking out, it’s also the beat reporters.

Case in point, this reaction by one reporter on Wednesday says it all. Supreme Court reporters are always looking for signs of impending announcements regarding retirements and case outcomes. Before the official Kennedy announcement, those same reporters knew it was the end of the line for Anthony Kennedy. That’s when one of them shouted an expletive.

Check out this story from the National Review:

“But then everything changed. Mary Kennedy, Justice Kennedy’s wife walked into the room. Justice Kennedy was not expected to issue any more opinions, so her presence was a mystery. She was followed by (what looked like) her children and grandchildren, who took their seats in the reserved seat section. At that point, it became obvious that the entire Kennedy clan was in attendance. One of the members of the press section released an excited utterance: “Oh, f***!” The other reporters tried to figure out whether the guests were in fact Kennedy’s family members. No one quite knew for sure. But there was no more time to think about it.

“Moments later, Chief Justice Roberts gaveled the session into order. Justice Sotomayor was absent from the Court. Justice Alito did in fact announce the labor-union case. And Justice Breyer announced the water-dispute case. At the end of the proceeding, the chief justice customarily announces any employment matters at the Court — for example, if someone had achieved 25 years of federal service. Yesterday, he said there would be three retirements. I nearly fell out of my seat. But soon it became clear that he was referring to Court staff. Once those announcements were complete, Chief Justice Roberts said the Court would adjourn until the first Monday in October.

“As the marshal gaveled the session to a close, each of the justices receded behind the red curtains to their private chambers. I watched as Justice Kennedy walked away from the bench — his final act as a Supreme Court justice.”

We haven’t seen so many liberals crying since President Trump won the election.

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