Justice Kennedy Retirement Lets Loose Abortion Hysteria

Justice Anthony Kennedy revealed his retirement and the surges you are hearing are the heads of leftwits. It's a little surge, however then their brains lack their ears and it's a garish green. Anyhoo. Like I said, Justice Kennedy revealed his retirement and suddenly Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned, like tomorrow or 4:02 p.m. next Monday. The hysteria is real. Victory Girls' Nina composed about the retirement announcement and the filibuster, you can read that here."CBS News"reported that Maine Senator Susan Collins believes abortion is settled law. The quote: Simply hours after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy revealed his retirement

on Wednesday, Republican Politician Sen. Susan Collins stated that she sees Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that legalized abortion across the United States, as"settled law."" I see Roe v. Wade as being settled law, "she stated."It's clearly precedent. I always look for judges who respect precedent. "Kennedy's retirement has actually provoked liberal worries that the Supreme Court may soon have a pronounced conservative leaning that might reverse Roe v. Wade. Kennedy basically safeguarded the Roe v. Wade choice when he sided with the plurality in the 1992 case of Planned Being a parent v. Casey.Whoa lady. Even bad precedent.Planned Being a parent v. Casey was twenty 6 years ago. Roe v. Wade, the nasty mess that started this whole "free murder card" for females, was in 1973. Isn't really it a darn shame that science has actually made no advances given that 1973 or 1992. We understand nothing more about life in the womb than we did 45 years earlier, Senator Collins? I Googled Senator Collins biography and inning accordance with Britannica.com her degree remains in government not medicine.The following image is graphic but I am ill to the gills of this Pro-woman, Pro-choice bovine excrement. The picture is of arms and legs of a baby aborted at nine weeks. I am so sorry to be this graphic, however: Really, I am not sorry. The truth is awful and graphic.Everyone at< a href =https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/27/us/politics/kennedy-abortion-roe-v-wade.html > "The New York City Times"is frozen with fear that abortion has lost its" firewall software

":"Kennedy was the firewall program for abortion rights for as long as he

was there," said Mary Ziegler, a teacher at the Florida State University College of Law

who has composed thoroughly on Roe and its aftermath." He has been the defining force in American abortion law given that the '90s, so his absence suggests that Roe will be a lot more in peril. ""A choice reversing Roe is way more most likely,"Ms. Ziegler stated."A series of decisions burrowing Roe without officially revealing that's what's going on is quite likely, too."And some twit tweeted the following tweets(click the photo to read them): Over on"ABC News", David Muir and Dan Abrams fretted about the future of infant killing: To this day, there are no abortion cases movinged towards the Supreme Court. A judge has blocked Iowa's abortion restriction after a fetal heartbeat law.I don't get abortion. I do not get it on a spiritual basis. I don't get it on a humanistic basis. And, I certainly don't get it on a logical basis.For the left infanticide has actually ended up being a sacrament. Science be damned. The right of a woman to select to murder her child in the womb is a primary virtue that can not be questioned. It

is precedent. It is settled law. End of discussion. Unfortunately.Look, here is the scoop on abortion. Regretfully, it is not going anywhere. The court was wrong in 1973. The court was incorrect in 1992. The court assumed power that it did not have. Regretfully. The only way we will ever stop most abortions is through science and education. Someday, 90% of human beings will reflect on this duration of legal infanticide as a holocaust. The other 10%will be off getting abortions. True fact.And, just so you understand, liberal tears may taste salted. Those garishly green liberal brains are poisoned. Do not touch. Call your local hazmat team.The post

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