Credit Where Credit Is Due: Chris Cuomo Did Something I Can Stand Behind– Concealed Country

I have actually been writing posts and seeing the news in the background. While skimming channels, I arrived at CNN and Chris Cuomo. The 2nd I hit the channel, Cuomo stated something along the lines of;

I'm not going to give the suspect the time of day to even discuss his name. It's not worth it.That's not an

specific quote, however you get the idea.I've targeted the Cuomo bros in the past due to their gun control stances and the unrelenting push for more laws, however I have to provide credit where credit is due.Whoever it is

, it shouldn't matter. If more media got this practice of not discussing the suspect in these mass shootings, we 'd see a drop in them. Guaranteed.GREELEY, CO-- A break-in suspect

could not keep himself still after presumably burglarizing a couple's house in Greeley, Colorado. The house owner was holding the robber at gunpoint while his other half called emergency authorities, and authorities nearly arrived prior to violence broke out. Cops were greeted with the ... BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA-- Louisiana State Cops has some undesirable news for

concealed bring license candidates: wait times are growing and will likely continue to grow. Prior to you proverbially shoot the messenger, the LSP chief was clear on the reason. The Louisiana legislature has not ... A gun owner, Christopher Cantwell, drew his gun after a couple of individuals began to obtain hostile after he was recording a run-in

that he came across while strolling house. I'll let him explain exactly what occurred(source):- --- -----. Lots of individuals who conceal carry do a great job researching and studying the perfect pistol for them. They go shopping, ask around, watch videos and check out posts to select and acquire a weapon they