Gauhati HC moved versus arranged Insurance coverage Frauds in Assam

A PIL has been filed to direct the attention of the Gauhati High Court to insurance scams being carried out by organised gangs in the state.

The petitioner, Jitul Deka, has alleged that insurance scam gangs are swindling the government and private insurance companies using manufactured insurance policies on behalf of deceased persons. It has been submitted that the loss can be valued at over Rs. 500 crore.

As per the petitioner, the scam is being carried out with the connivance of police officers, government officers, insurance agents, doctors, postal department employees, bank officials and other relevant personnel.

The petition goes on to detail the manner in which these scams are carried out.

Gang members at the grass roots level collect data on persons who passed away in the last few months. Thereafter, these persons approach the family of the deceased to collect IDs such as PAN Card, Voter ID etc. of the deceased. The family members are persuaded to give such ID to the gang members under the guise of availing benefits under government schemes.

These IDs are then used to open bank accounts in the name of the deceased with the help of bank officials. In the same way, insurance policies are also obtained from different companies including those falling under the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana.

The insurance money is claimed a few months after by submitting relevant forged documents, obtained with the help of doctors, police officers and other government officials.

In support of these allegations, the petition also makes reference to three incidents where such insurance was falsely claimed on behalf of the deceased. In all three instances, false dates of death were used to claim insurance, allegedly in tandem with police, insurance and medical officials.

In light of the allegations made, the petitioner has called for a court-ordered inquiry by agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate.

Further, it has been prayed that the Court direct the impleaded insurance companies to submit reports on insurance claims made in the past five years. The companies impleaded in the case include Bajaj Allianz, SBI, HDFC, Tata AIG, LIC, Reliance Life Insurance, PNB Met Life India Insurance and India First Life Insurance.

The petitioner has also apprehended that he may be harmed by the involved gangs, given their financial and political influence. Therefore, he has prayed that the Court grant him protection against such harm as well.

The matter will come up for hearing on July 9.

Read the petition:

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