Anthony Kennedy Retirement: Abortion Challengers Take New Focus On Roe v. Wade

Now that President Donald Trump has the opportunity to designate a new justice to the Supreme Court, some abortion opponents hope that drug "will need to have an agreement with a doctor who has admitting opportunities at a nearby hospital.The Supreme Court last month refused to take up an early difficulty to the law, which cleared the method for it to work in mid-July, but did not say if the law is legal or not, leaving that to a lower court to figure out. Earlier this month, a federal judge imposed a short-lived restraining order on the law, setting the stage for the case to potentially go back tothe Supreme Court eventually in the future. Planned Parenthood has stated that the law is both clinically unneeded and would efficiently prohibit medication abortion in the state.Elizabeth. Nash of the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights research study organization, said the Arkansas law"conflicts with Roe by imposing an excessive concern on a client seeking an abortion."In Mississippi, after Republican Politician Gov. Phil Bryant signed the bill prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks, the Center for Reproductive Rights submitted a claim in federal court challenging it as unconstitutional and a federal judge momentarily blocked the law from going into effect. Louisiana's 15-week l aw is also on hold pending the outcome of litigation in the Mississippi law.The Center for Reproductive Rights mentions that in current years, the Supreme Court

has decreased to evaluate a variety of lower court choices striking down abortion bans prior to the point of viability."The Supreme Court has consistently promoted the right to abortion over numerous years and it has actually done that with many justices from selected by various administrations,"stated the group's senior director of litigation, Julie Rikelman.State lawmakers promise to keep attempting."Up Until the Supreme Court chooses

to discuss that concern once again, you're going to continue to see states push the edge and press the envelope on pro-life protections, "said Louisiana state Rep. John Stefanski." I believe undoubtedly we're going to develop something that I believe

the Supreme Court is going to have to take a

appearance at again,"the GOP lawmaker added.