The vanity project that is Iain Duncan Smith’s universal credit

So that's it then, universal credit is too huge to be allowed to stop working and has actually cost a great deal of our money to reach this sorry state. Along the method many susceptible people have actually experienced unnecessary challenge ( Expensive and unwieldy: watchdog savages universal credit system, 15 June). Vanity tasks are usually huge and shiny, with area to attach plaques celebrating the person responsible. Iain Duncan Smith, who was the brains behind this job, believed that he had actually discovered the answer to eliminating poverty, and the method to restore the self-confidence of individuals getting some or all of their income from the state. The money invested to date developing an imperfect system is a monolith to his obstinacy, and is particularly galling as it was occurring at a time when the benefits budget was being reduced.Les Bright Exeter, Devon - So universal credit is more pricey and doesn't provide( Editorial, 15 June). Yet it is being promoted as too costly to cancel.But one thing not pointed out so far is that whistleblowers have actually regularly reported being overworked, with the cuts or limits to jobcentre staff numbers making it impossible for them to provide even universal credit's own flawed and penalising measures. This is certainly in a bid to make UC appear to pay for itself, yet even then it costs too much.Wages and home expenditures are normally among the greatest of costs for any organisation, so if universal credit was really staffed effectively and with sufficient physical gain access to available to "customers ", then it seems sensible to expect its expenses would validate shutting the entire project.Let's not forget likewise that the old system, sharpened from years of usage to a pretty good package, is still in fact up and running, a minimum of in part, in every council.

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