Be careful loan, credit card defaulters! Notice served through WhatsApp is legitimate, rules Court

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As Jadhav kept moving his house, SBI Cards had actually stopped working to serve the lawsuits notification to him over the previous few years. Have you defaulted on your loan or credit card payment and are evading the bank by not receiving their calls or altering your home? Better mend your ways as even a notification about a lawsuits served by your bank or the worried party via WhatsApp is valid, the Bombay High Court has actually ruled recently.According to a TOI report,

Rohidas Jadhav, a Nalasopara local, had actually accrued charge card charges of Rs 85,000 in the year 2010. Following arbitration procedures, Jadhav was in 2011 bought to pay back the quantity due together with 8% interest. Jadhav, nevertheless, still could not clear his dues. Thereafter an execution application was filed by the bank, SBI Cards and Payment Solutions, in 2015 to impose the arbitration award. The due quantity at that time stood at Rs 1.17 lakh.As Jadhav kept moving his house, SBI Cards had actually failed to serve the lawsuits notice to him over the previous few years. Jadhav's phone number was readily available with SBI Cards. So, the agent of the bank sent a message through WhatsApp notifying Jadhav about the next date of hearing. The legal representative's notice was also sent out to Jadhav in a PDF. Advocate Murlidhar Kale, counsel for SBI Cards, informed the court that the blue ticks on the message showed that Jadhav had not just got the message, but likewise read its contents.As per the existing

guidelines, a notice is served face to face or through a signed up post. However," after the enactment of the IT Act, which recognises electronic communication as proof, courts have actually enabled parties in a litigation to serve notification through e-mail, in addition to standard methods, "says the TOI report.Justice. Gautam Patel said that Jadhav was served a notice by an

authorised officer of the bank who sent a PDF and message to his mobile number as a WhatsApp message. "For the purposes of service of notice, I will accept this. I do so because the icon indicators plainly show that not just was the message and accessory delivered but that both were opened,"Justice Patel said.