5 Cars and trucks That Deserve To Be Put Into Retirement

by Jared Rosenholtz
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These designs are either dated, or simply unimportant in their own lineups.

Most of the time, a cars and truck lives well The Ford Taurus was never our favorite full-size sedan, even when it was very first upgraded back in 2010. 7 years later on and Ford has done nearly absolutely nothing to prove the Taurus is still relevant. We would love to see the present automobile get changed by a RWD design, or even something AWD based upon the Blend platform. The Blend Sport is a quite amazing car, and a bigger Taurus Sport does not seem like a bad idea. The Chevy SS revealed us that even an almost perfect full-size sedan can go undetected in today's market, so maybe it's time for the Taurus name to be retired entirely.

5 Cars That Deserve To Be Put Into Retirement

5 Cars That Deserve To Be Put Into Retirement

< img src=http://www.carbuzz.com/resizeimg/imageshandler.ashx?w=640&h=480&url=http://db.carbuzz.com/images2/620000/9000/400/629464.jpg alt=" 5 Cars and trucks That Deserve To Be Put Into Retirement"> The Nissan 370Z was a breath of fresh air back in 2008. Quick forward to today and the vehicle is more like a scrumptious steak somebody left on the grill for too long. We still love the 370Z, however 9 years on the market without a significant refresh is just too long. Nissan currently has a bunch of new engines from the Infiniti line that might go into a new sports automobile. Simply take the Q50 platform, diminish it a bit and provide the exact same engines. This would imply a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder as an entry engine, and 2 V6 twin-turbo engines as options. The Q50 is currently RWD, so reducing it up could not be that tough. Too bad Nissan appears content stretching the 370Z well beyond its helpful life with Insane Tuning Store Turns Ford F-250s Into XXL MegaRaptors
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