Leader of enormous Queens-based identity theft & charge card scams ring police officers a guilty plea

Photo courtesy of Queens District Attorney's office

Image thanks to Queens District Attorney’s workplace Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown with investigators and prosecutors showing a few of the items seized as part of the crackdown of an enormous credit card scams ring in Queens last March.

Prosecutors said that Muhammad Rana, 41, of Jamaica led the operation that tricked $3.5 million from customers, banks and retail organisations between April 2015 and January 2017. He pleaded guilty on Jan. 19 to an enterprise corruption charge under the state’s Organized Criminal offense Control Act.

“Today’s case brings to a close the successful dismantling of a criminal organization that included file creating mills and shopping sprees for big ticket merchandise with forged credit cards that left bills at the mail boxes of innocent clients,” Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown stated in a declaration. “The offender at the top of this operation has now pleaded guilty and will be jailed for a prolonged amount of time.”

Rana was the 17th person in the scams ring to plead guilty to one of two indictments bied far last March versus individuals in the criminal conspiracy. The bust was the outcome of a major joint investigation by the NYPD Identity Theft Squad and the Queens District Lawyer’s Economic Crimes Bureau that began in April of 2015.

Law enforcement representatives acquired information from the suspects through physical security and court-authorized wiretaps of call in between the defendants. Brown stated that thousands of conversations were intercepted, many of which had actually to be equated from Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu or Spanish into English.The arraigned

suspects consisted of a number of entrepreneurs who acquired the individual information from consumers and passed it along to members of the scams ring. Participants then utilized that details to produce deceitful credit or debit cards, or impersonated the victims to obtain lines of credit.Other members

then utilized the cards or lines of credit for shopping sprees at major sellers to buy designer-label clothing, electronic devices, precious jewelry and more.Of Rana’s 16 co-defendants, 10 of them received prison time or prison sentences and were bought to pay more than $500,000 in restitution, Brown said.Rana must go back to Queens Lawbreaker Court on Feb. 1 for sentencing; he deals with up to 15 years behind bars.