Yahoo Finance releases social savings app Tanda, an option to credit cards

Yahoo Financing today released a new app called Federal Reserve studyof more than 5,000 Americans about their monetary situation. Inning accordance with its findings, roughly 46 percent of Americans stated they would not be able to create $400 in an emergency scenario.)

“This inspired us to begin constructing Tanda, a mobile world version of a centuries old
neighborhood savings tool that we hope offers an option to many,” Khalaf explained.The brand-new app is being released under the Yahoo Financing brand.Yahoo, like(disclosure! )TechCrunch moms and dad company AOL, integrated to form Oath, which is now owned by Verizon. Yahoo continues to preserve its own app store existence through apps like Yahoo Financing, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Newsroom, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Dream Football, Yahoo Mail, and lots of others.Tanda is offered today in both English and Spanish on Android, and will get here on iOS within the next couple of days.