Trump takes credit for Black unemployment rate: ‘Dems did absolutely nothing for you’

(Picture by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

Donald Trump is once again pandering to Black America.On Twitter,

Trump took credit for the . The Bureau of Labor Data began tracking the rate for African-American workers over age 16 in 1972, and because that time, the rate has actually never ever fallen below 7 percent.That is, up until December, when it was 6.8. percent.Last. year, Black joblessness rose early in the year, reaching 8

percent in March. By September, it had fallen back to

7 percent, and by the end of the year, it took a dive below that 7 percent line for the very first time ever.For comparison, the white unemployment rate was 3.7 percent in December, and the total joblessness rate was 4.1 percent that very same month.But job growth is slowing down However, task development numbers were down in that exact same month. According to the Labor Department, 148,000 jobs were produced in December, compared to the

252,000 jobs created in November.What’s more

, the year 2017 saw 2.1 million jobs produced, below 2016’s 2.2 million.This regardless of the reality that President Donald Trump has typically guaranteed that his policies and presidency will benefit the economy.

Trump’s fans frequently point out the bump in the stock market soon after his election as evidence that Trump will be good for jobs. Trump takes credit for low Black joblessness rate:’ Dems not did anything for you ‘