Synereo integrates Changelly’s API, allows users to buy AMPs utilizing charge card and any cryptocurrency within its interface

Synereo, a company establishing blockchain-enabled options for the direct monetization of content development and consumption, announces collaboration with Changelly, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, as the very first phase to the platform’s mainstream viability.

WildSpark, the very first product launched by Synereo, is a platform-agnostic monetisation layer that enables content creators to be rewarded by their audiences/supporters without needing to rely exclusively on the monetization approach supplied by the publishing platform.WildSpark is designed for casual,

traditional audiences that do not necessarily understand cryptocurrencies or Blockchain innovation. Offering beginner users with a simple and user-friendly ways of use makes the advantages of the unique innovations and the message of decentralization they bring available to all. Following the integration with Changelly, content creators and curators monetizing online activity with WildSpark can purchase AMPs utilizing charge card or other cryptocurrency while they are utilizing the app. In a future update, this process will be streamlined additional to allow Amplification with any currency with the recipient getting AMPs.WildSpark. works as a dispersed Attention Economy layer on top of existing media centers, creating an entirely new method for initial material to be

monetized. WildSpark enables content creators to monetize their works without having to rely on, and pay outrageous costs to, the central entities their content resides in– while also compensating curators for their operate in dispersing content to locations of the internet where it is appreciated.Dor Konforty, Synereo co-founder and CEO includes:”WildSpark is a platform-agnostic monetisation layer for material developers. Publish wherever, generate income from with WildSpark. Changelly brings us an action to being mainstream-friendly– users can now reward developers with whatever currency they have readily available.”Konstantin Gladych, CEO at Changelly says: “We are thrilled to team up with Synereo and make it possible for Wildspark’s users to purchase AMPs for any of 80+cryptos listed on Changelly at the best rate possible.” The post

Synereo integrates Changelly’s API, enables users to purchase AMPs using credit cards and any cryptocurrency within its interface appeared initially on Bitcoin Garden.