‘I was firm & strong’: Trump claims credit for N Korea talks with Seoul– RT United States News

The governments in Seoul and Pyongyang have actually technically been at war for nearly 70 years since the end of the Korean conflict divided the peninsula. But the warring countries exchanged messages for the first time in 2 years via a hotline on Wednesday.A ‘hotline ‘communication channel in between the 2 administrations was resumed this week, having actually fallen quiet in January 2016. It follows Kim Jong-un’s New Year address, in which he stated that the 2 nations should “lower the military stress on the Korean Peninsula to create a tranquil environment.”

Trump, who has freely traded insults with Kim and once suggested North Korea’s long-range missile program should be met “fire and fury,” tweeted on Thursday that his method to the delicate circumstance had cultivated an environment for talks.With all of the failed”experts”weighing in, does any person actually think that talks and dialogue would be going on in between North and South Korea today if I wasn’t firm, strong and happy to commit our overall “may” versus the North. Fools, however talks are a good idea!– Donald J. Trump(@realDonaldTrump) January 4, 2018 Striking out at”failed professionals,”Trump asked if

the current communication in between North and South Korea would truly be taking place without his participation.” Fools, but talks are an advantage,”the US president added.Last year saw political stress on the Korean peninsula ratcheted up by numerous notches amid a series of rocket tests by North Korea.After Pyongyang launched a missile in August that flew over Japan, Trump stated that “all options,”consisting of military intervention, were on the table. The president’s declaration followed United States bombers staged a show of force by flying over the Korean Peninsula.A North Korean spokesperson reacted by highlighting that the US territory Guam might be a possible target for their long-range rockets. US President Donald Trump is taking credit

for the evident thawing of diplomatic stress in between South Korea and North Korea, specifying that his” firm and strong”position has enabled talks.