Former Trick Service Representative: Trump Dossier May Be the ‘Insurance plan’ to Conceal Illegal Spying on Trump Project

Previous Trick Service Agent: Trump Dossier Might Be the ‘Insurance coverage’ to Cover Prohibited Spying on Trump Project

Fox News asked in a report” Why did Strzok need an insurance coverage versus Trump?” Inning accordance with one specialist we may soon learn that the insurance policy was the file that was had to conceal illegally spying on Trump needs to Hillary not win the election.Peter Strzok, the criminal and misaligned FBI Agent is still used by the FBI in its Human Resources Department.Strzok was the lead investigator on the criminal Mueller investigation into the alleged Trump– Russia connection. After a year of work by the misaligned Mueller group there is no connection in between Russia and Trump. However, text were found between Strzok and his girlfriend in the DOJ where he texted,”In case Trump wins, we need an insurance policy versus him”. Supposedly since of his predisposition, Mueller removed Strzok from the investigation

. But Mueller never ever reported this to Congress for months, and his entire group is a who’s who of Hillary and Obama cronies. There must be more to it.Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bonjino, was on Fox and Friends Sunday and he used the most affordable explanation for exactly what Strzok was describing as his ‘insurance coverage ‘. Bonjino stated– I think America has to prepare itself for the concept that this whole thing was a sting versus the Trump group the entire time which the file was just cover for it.”The DNC, Obama, the Clintons, Obama’s FBI and DOJ, the Mueller Examination are all corrupt and criminal organizations.Let’s hope that great individuals in our government stand up and

bring these lawbreakers to justice.