6 Things Trump In Fact Is Worthy Of Credit For

Image Credit: a katz/Shutterstock. com

Donald Trump is not telekinetic. His brain may be a medical marvel, but for awful reasons, not because he can move objects with his mind. Nevertheless, Trump recently took credit for keeping airplanes all around the world from crashing in 2017.

“Considering that taking workplace I have been extremely strict on Commercial Air travel,” the (I still can’t think this person is) president Obama appointee Michael Huerta. If we’re going to arbitrarily appointing credit for planes remaining in the sky, possibly we must give it to the guy whose job description includes ” the security and efficiency of the biggest aerospace system on the planet.” Or perhaps pilots, or potentially aircraft mechanics. Or according to Trump’s reasoning, each and every single individual worldwide who took a flight this year, because I make sure all of us were “really rigorous” about our desire not to die in an aircraft crash.Trump frequently takes credit