Duo steals nearly $3 grand in cell phones with counterfeit charge card

Countless dollars in mobile phone stolen from T-Mobile shops

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Fourteen taken cellular phone from area T-Mobile stores are recuperated by Nashville police.Two individuals, 40-year-old Felipe Norbiel and 31-year-old Lisett Marquez-Medinilla, were arrested on Friday after presumably encoding cards with taken charge card numbers then purchasing mobile phone at numerous T-Mobile places, according to the affidavit.

Norbiel and Marquez were caught after trying to acquire a cell phone under the name of John Garcia from a south Nashville T-Mobile on Murfreesboro Pike on Thursday, before being flagged for possible fraudulent activity, according to authorities. Norbiel reportedly had a counterfeit Ohio Drivers license with his image and the name John Garcia on it which he utilized for current purchases at T-Mobile.

When authorities showed up to investigate, they discovered three iPhone 8 Plus mobile phone on Norbiel and Marquez valued at more than $2,800. Cops recuperated 11 other mobile phone from T-Mobile stores in other jurisdictions.

Norbiel and Marquez remained in possession of several encoded credit cards, inning accordance with the affidavit. Norbiel reportedly confessed to cops to buying credit card numbers and the embosser to make the cards, and Marquez apparently confessed to authorities to encoding the cards.Norbiel made bond on

Saturday night. Marquez remains in the Davidson County Prison on a $30,000 bond.