Harvey victims slam Red Cross donation circulation

HOUSTON (CBS News) “I believed someone would assist. We don’t require a lot. And I got nothing,” Jackie Bailey said.Twenty-nine inches of water flooded Bailey’s Houston-area home throughout Typhoon Harvey in August. When Bailey’s child Geneva assisted her make an application for $400 in support from the Red Cross– she learnt they were rejected … over text.” It’s the thought. You know the idea that people are going to assist you, but there’s no assistance,”Bailey said.Earlier this month, Texas Guv Gregg Abbott revealed his own concerns over Red Cross funds raised to assist Harvey victims. Abbott told reporters he was concerned Harvey relief was not entering the hands of the individuals who need it. The guv’s workplace confirms to CBS News they have actually met Red Cross officials as part of an on-going process

to make sure Texans are getting the aid they deserve.During an August interview on CBS Today-Red Cross CEO and President Gail McGovern safeguarded the companies spending.

“We are actually pleased with the fact that we keep our overhead low,”McGovern said.Red Cross states 91 cents of every dollar goes to assist victims.A claim Geneva Bailey doesn’t
believe.Governor Abbott and the Baileys aren’t alone in their concerns. Iowa Senator Chuck

Grassley criticized the Red Cross’s response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that killed more than 300,000 people. In

a 2016 memo, Grassley claimed the Red Cross just spent one-fourth of the$487.6 million raised for the relief effort. He also implicated the organization of attempting to “quash a congressional watchdog review of its practices.

“The Red Cross informed us it”strongly disagrees” with Grassley’s report.The Red Cross says it dispersed more than$229 million in monetary help to Harvey victims, more than half of what was contributed. Another$45 million was invested on supplying meals, shelter and health services. “We’re really transparent with the information, just how much we’ve raised,” Harvey Johnson, Elder VP for catastrophe cycle services at the Red Cross said. He explains on what would not make someone eligible for a$ 400 award:”We focus on exactly what certifies someone for the awards. You needed to live within the 41 counties,”he stated.”We asked a couple of lovely simple questions. Were you severely impacted by the catastrophe, were you displaced for three days or more? If you were less than three days you wouldn’t qualify.”The Red Cross says they have actually handed

out emergency funds to more than 500,000 families, one house owner tells us $400 they received was a lifeline.”There’s very little left of anything,”Theresa Martin said.Four feet of water flooded Martin’s home. She used for help from the Red Cross and got $400 in cash.”Every bit helps. It purchases groceries,”Martin said.The grandma of eleven is living in a trailer while her home is repaired. The family will likely invest the holidays from the small trailer.

She doesn’t intend on installing a Christmas tree.

“Where would I put it?,”she said.The Bailey’s never learnt why they didn’t certify– but informed us they just left home for 2 days due to the fact that they were stressed over robbery.” It made me seem like I didn’t suffer– I didn’t have a storm. I didn’t lose my things. Like I wasn’t worthwhile,”Bailey said.