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It’s the season of offering, and community members are giving back for a deserving cause.A Potluck and Donation Drive was organized by regional homeless outreach groups to spread appetite and homeless awareness in addition to give locals an opportunity to help.

“It’s an easy way for them to come drop off a contribution or simply come invest a few hours offering with us,” stated Food Not Bombs Amarillo volunteer, Sara Fuller said. “So I’m hoping it just gets more individuals involved. It’s simple to volunteer if you can find places to do that.”

With temperatures dropping, clothing for the winter were donated along with non-perishable food items.Fuller states these contributions to the homeless will go a long method.”It means a lot to them

that people make the effort to donate and have the ability to offer when they can,”said Fuller.” It actually helps to have, you understand, coats and headscarfs and food when you’re hungry, so I think it helps them out a lot. One less thing to stress over.”

From homeless males and ladies to struggling families, the event unified everybody in the spirit of helping others.

“I just discovered this program a week prior to last and it’s an excellent thing to be able to come out and eat,” said Amarillo resident Deborah Thomas. “Especially at this time of year when things are tight, however individuals here are so great and the food is delicious.”

Thomas also said the general support for the homeless in Amarillo is inspiring.

“I lived in Boerne, Texas for a year prior to I moved to Amarillo, I received more assistance in the city of Amarillo than i did the whole year in Boerne, Texas,” stated Thomas. “There’s simply the profusion of love for the homeless and having a hard time is immense.”

Later that day, the outreach groups helped those in need even further by providing items directly to homeless camps in the area.They also contributed leftover products to Amarillo Real estate First.You can reach out to these organizations to assist in the appetite and homeless awareness effort.Get the current Amarillo news straight to your phone

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