Every Month, Mila Kunis Makes a Donation to Planned Being A Parent in Mike Pence’s Name

When Conan O’Brien asked Mila Kunis to speak about the “little trick” she pulled on the vice president, she acknowledged that her response would be questionable, stating, “This is when a lot of hate mail comes my way.”

She went on to describe that since she opposes Mike Pence’s platform, she began making contributions to Planned Parenthood in his name. Each month, his workplace gets a letter that says, “A confidential donation has actually been made in your name.” She told Conan, “I do not take a look at it as a prank. I highly disagree, and this is my little method of showing it.” She sees it as a tranquil protest. Watch the clip here:

By setting up the contributions in Mike Pence’s name, Kunis is taking part in a keep a weapon in your house. She also said, “I can take a weapon apart and put it back together blindfolded.” Will someone please compose an action movie that shows off Kunis’s ability to put together a weapon without looking? She’s clearly received better starring roles than A Bad Mamas Christmas.