Millennials Raise Cooperative Credit Union’ Development Bar

Print Email In a landscape that's fast progressing to match the needs of tech-savvy customers, credit unions are innovating to take on larger commercial banks and FinTech companies to attract and keep customers.These innovations can vary from more interesting sites and enhanced mobile experiences to biometric authentication options, consisting of Touch ID and facial recognition. The new

Cooperative Credit Union Tracker ™ takes a look at how credit

unions of all stripes are accepting change to remain competitive in the financial services world.Around the Credit Union World Over 100 cooperative credit union websites throughout 14 states cannot fulfill the requirements laid out by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-- frequently finding themselves prone to grievances and lawsuits.Those are challenges

that several solution companies are working to address by helping credit unions enhance their online experiences for handicapped credit union members. BloomCU, for one, recently teamed up with web ease of access firm keeping up to this day on a month-by-month basis on the trends and changes in the cooperative credit union market. Share Print