Nick Saban on retirement talk: ‘It’s something I couldn’t even imagine’

Sorry, college football fans. Nick Saban is still going strong and plans on doing that for a long period of time to come.Arguably the greatest coach in the game's history, Saban isn't even near contemplating retirement inning accordance with ESPN college football author Chris Low.Saban is a spry 66 years old as he prepares for his 12th season in charge in Tuscaloosa and, with another 6 or 7 years as successful as the last 11, he would potentially come close to a record that Low never ever thought would even get close to being touched.

"I utilized to always think that the most solid record in the realm of SEC football was Paul Bear Bryant's 159 SEC wins. I don't believe it is completely out of the world of possibility that Nick would coach long enough where he 'd have a shot to make a perform at that."

Saban presently sits at 100 wins in SEC play during his time at both LSU and Alabama, and each offseason, the rumors begin to grow that him leaving the Crimson Tide is nearing. For Low, what people don't see in the coach is what decides to remain in Alabama easy.

"Here is the think that Nick has actually talked with me about that we all underappreciate: his life now remains in Alabama. His mama is in Birmingham. He has a granddaughter there. He's got interest in all of the dealers there. His life, not simply football, however his life is right there in Alabama now."

Even Saban cannot leave the retirement talk, stating that he becomes aware of it on the recruiting trail, but "he doesn't even think of that. He doesn't believe in those terms. He's believing about exactly what is right in front of him," according to Low.With 5

nationwide titles under his belt at Alabama (he likewise won one at LSU) and the cream of the crop in recruiting continually making their way to Tuscaloosa to bet him, there are few needs to anticipate the king of college football to disappear anytime soon.

"Why would he walk away? He's had significant success. It's all he knows."

That's bad news for everyone else anticipating the Crimson Tide device to slow down.


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