Coming Out Of Blog Writer Retirement?

Over a year ?!

It's been radio silence for over a year here. I'm sorry however also not sorry (if I'm being truthful).

A lot has happened over the past year and I merely needed to take a step back and focus on life, objectives and focus. Unfortunately, that implied taking a step back from my personal blog.Over the past year,

Dan and I closed one of our studios(the hardest part of my entrepreneur life to this day )and decided to focus 100 %on building Fit Womens Weekly and our one incredible studio This Time Physical fitness(in Charleston). I want I could state it was hard to stroll away from LR, however I was so stressed, overwhelmed and dissatisfiedthe majority of last year, that it wasn't just something I wished to do ... I required to.So thank you to the readers that have continued to pertain to Lifting Transformation and discovered fantastic details in the evergreen articles to assist influence you with exercises, nutrition and ideally more. Am I back to regular blogging? I wouldn't go THAT far, however I am in a place now where I would like

to have this space to come back to and share my own individual journey, has a hard time and thoughts.At Fit Womens Weekly, we have some AMAZING blog site posts filled with amazing details. If details is exactly what you desire, that's where to go. To get more information about my present Keto experiment, my workout objectives, and my"real "life ... this is the location to hang out(and my Insta Stories). I'll be making a couple of updates over the coming weeks and I hope you occur for the ride.For now, let's location catch up!For 3 weeks, I have actually been try out a keto diet.

Am I in it for the long term? No. This is strictly an experiment for 8-weeks to see exactly what all the fuss is about and see how tough it truly is to remain in a state of ketosis.FitWomensWeekly has

seen some big modifications since we last talked. Brand-new programs, coaching aid and more.

If you haven't already connected to

  1. me over there, begun! We can be workout partners and I can be your individual coach. I'm telling you I LOVE what we've built. It really is life changing.And due to the fact that many were interested when I was blogging ... sorry, still no
  2. kiddos. That's a chat for another day! Okay, so that's it. I am truly excited to be back and construct those blog site connections I have actually lost this previous year. You men really are the very best and my blog site readers CONSTANTLY made me feel inspired and motivated.No to decide, because I have so much going on in my brain ... very first REAL post ... chat about
  3. exercises(goals )or keto diet plan? Decisions, decisions.I'll a minimum of leave you with my last TWO Youtube programs ... 1-- My Week 1 Keto Update 2-- A 3 Minute Kettlebell Leg Exercise Finisher