Twitter reacts as AB de Villiers announces shocking retirement

In one of those shocking news, the iconic cricketer in the world cricket announced the retirement from all forms of the International Cricket. In a video message, AB de Villiers announced his retirement with a heart whelming message by adding that he is very tired and want to take a rest from the cricket. However, the news came in as a shock to the world cricket.

AB de Villiers who made his debut in 2004 has been one of the finest cricketers to ever produced by the South African cricket. His masterful strokes in all formats of the game fetched him a grand name but unfortunately, he will be leaving the game with just 1 year away from the ICC World Cup 2019.

AB de Villiers (Photo Source: Hindustan Times via Reuters)

Announcing the retirement, AB de Villiers quoted that he had started his career as a very young boy with a lot of nerves. He added that it is the time for him to step down from the International cricket and thanked all his fans and supporters who stood behind him in South Africa and across the world.

“It has been a very tough decision to make and I’ve thought long and hard about it but I believe it is my time to step down. A huge thank you to my teammates, Cricket South Africa and all the supporters who have been behind me both in SA and around the world,” he mentioned on his official app.

“It would not be right for me to pick and choose where, when and in what format I play for the Proteas. For me, in the green and gold, it must be everything or nothing. I will always be grateful to the coaches and staff of Cricket South Africa for their support through all these years. The most important thank you goes out to all of my teammates throughout my career, I wouldn’t be half the player that I am without the support throughout the years,” he added to his lines.

However, world cricket is going to miss those scoops behind the wicket and the solid punch drives and his exceptional presence on the field. As soon as the news breaks out, fans exploded their emotions on Twitter.

Here are the best tweets:

Ab De Villiers announces retirement from international cricket. Thanks for all the entertainment AB, your name will always be written in Golden pages of Cricket history

The biggest entertainer in the last decade has bid goodbye to International cricket…your absence will be felt, AB. Cricket will be poorer. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Go well @ABdeVilliers17 🙌👍

" After 114 Test matches, 228 ODI’s and 78 T20 Internationals, it is time for others to take over. I have had my turn, and to be honest, I am tired " ~ AB De Villiers

Don't say that AB de Villiers has retired from all forms of international cricket, say that AB de Villiers has retired from cricket in all 360 degrees.

ABD international career:

420 Matches
20,014 Runs
47 Centuries
109 fifties

Thank you AB De Villiers 🙏

Sadder than Spidey's death in Infinity war. Ab de Villiers retires.

Is This Serious???
How Can You Retire So Early????
Change It Please…
This Is Not Acceptable At All….
AB DE Villiers
You Are Always A Superman ❤️
Now Perfect For [email protected]
Piya Tu AB Toh Aaja. 😞😞

Since AB de villiers has announced his retirement from international cricket, I would also would like to announce my retirement from watching international cricket with immediate effect also#ProteaFire

You will not Miss the Cricket AB, Cricket Will Miss you a Lots : AB de Villiers

Thank you, AB De Villiers, for making my childhood amazing. @ABdeVilliers17 Many years down the line I will be proudly telling the next generation that I lived in the ABD era and saw him bat live. THANK YOU.

If a tired man can be as live a wire as AB de villiers is, I bet every young energetic cricketer would want to feel tired!!!!#ABDevilliers#ABD

AB de Villiers has retired from International Cricket:

🏏8,765 Test runs, averaging over 50
🏏9,577 ODI runs, averaging over 50
🏏1,672 T20 runs
🏏47 centuries
🏏109 half-centuries
🏏World's fastest ODI 50, 100 & 150
🏏Fastest Test century by a South

AB de Villiers has announced his retirement from all forms. THIS IS THE END OF AN ERA FOR ME. Man, he was so good against the Aussies, not the right time @ABdeVilliers17 The Proteas still need your services. 😭

AB de villiers deserved everything in his trophy cabinet, but he retires without,
1. WT20
2. Champions trophy
3. World cup#Cricket

Without any doubt the most loved foreign player in India.
Probably has more fans here than his own country.
Please pleaseee say it's just a hoax. Cricket is
incomplete without mr. 360 "Ab de villiers"

It's 05:19 and the shocking news for me as a biggest fan
The 360 degree MAN
One and only one
Player to watch for
Person with best nature and Person who Loves by all
I am still shocked
and I am praying that this news is Just [email protected]@OfficialCSA#AB de Villiers

Why would you do that AB😢

When AB de Villiers came out to bat, Harsha Bhogle exclaimed "Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seat belt, we are ready to take off!" Today, his great career is making a glorious landing. @bhogleharsha#ABDevilliers#ABD

Just when you think you are having a bad day, AB de Villiers announces retirement from international cricket. Legend!#ABDevilliers

How can AB de Villiers retire with the World Cup next year? Isn't that what he came back to the team for? I feel betrayed..