Lyoto Machida Front Kicks Vitor Belfort into Retirement with Spectacular KO at UFC 224

Lyoto Machida Front Kicks Vitor Belfort into Retirement with Spectacular KO at UFC 224

Lyoto Machida finished Vitor Belfort's profession by landing a vicious front kick knockout in the second round at UFC 224 on Saturday night in Brazil.Lyoto Machida

has actually included another spectacular knockout to his highlight reel.In what ultimately worked as Vitor Belfort's retirement fight, Machida sent him out as a victim of another jaw-dropping front kick knockout that earned "The Dragon" a second round win in the opening bout of the UFC 224 main card.It was a systematic speed early with Machida seeking to manage the distance from the outside while Belfort was looking for an opening for one of his patented flurries with punches.Machida remained dedicated to his kicking video game throughout the opening round, blasting away at Belfort's arms as he continually went head hunting for the knockout.Machida is infamous for slowing the pace in his

fights and after that enticing his challengers into a false complacency with a lower output and that's exactly what unfolded once the second round got underway.With Machida still keeping Belfort at range, the previous light heavyweight champ determined his opponent before unleashing a front kick that slammed his foot into the jaw of the future UFC Hall of Famer.Immediately after the impact was felt, Belfort fell apart to the mat as Machida stood over top of him before bowing to his fallen

opponent.The end came a precisely 1:00 into the second round.It was really shades of Machida's previous win versus Randy Couture that sent him into retirement back in 2011 and now he's ended up the profession of another legend with that same front kick knockout."I have a lot of respect for Vitor Belfort. He's done a lot for this sport and everyone should have regard for him,"Machida said following the win.As for exactly what comes next, Machida is still holding out hope for a showdown with previous middleweight champ Michael Bisping despite the truth that he's specified that for all intents and purposes that he's

retired from the sport."Michael Bisping, I'm still waiting on you man,"Machida mentioned. "If you want to retire, you've got to combat me first. "As for Belfort, his legendary career will come to an end after suffering the knockout loss to Machida on Saturday night. While it certainly wasn't the way he wished to go out, Belfort will undoubtedly coast into the UFC Hall of Popularity in the really future

after a career that initially started in the Octagon all the way back at UFC 12 in 1997. "It's been a long trip,"Belfort stated before leaving his gloves in the middle of the cage." It's about the start, middle and end and I believe I've come to the end. I'm leaving my glove here."