Former QB Carson Palmer talks Cardinals, retirement on NFL podcast

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) waves to the fans as he jogs off the field after an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals defeated the Buccaneers 38-33. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Carson Palmer strolled away from his NFL profession without saying lots of goodbyes.Since his last days as an Arizona Cardinal, it seems as though he does not be sorry for the timing, and he does not miss the game.That stated, he's looking for the next chapter in his life. "I don't look at it as I'm done. I have no idea what's next. I'm not in a rush to decide what's next, "he included. "I wish to begin a brand-new profession and do something I'm passionate about simply like I was for the last 15 years-- I had a great deal of passion in playing the video game of football-- but I'm not entering into retirement right now."Palmer chatted with Dameshek about the future of the Cardinals, his favorite play and that infamous swimsuit he wore after losing the quarterback challenge.Below are a few select quotes from the interview: On if the Cardinals can be competitive next year: "There's a lot of talk, the windows are

closing. I think they're keeping that window open for a continual amount of time. It boggles the mind to this day in age everybody thinks the window is 2 years or 3 years or 4 years. The window is completely depending on your income cap and where you are with the salary and exactly what your quarterback circumstance is."On the Cardinals'future under first-year coach Steve Wilks:" I'm really thrilled about the future. They're changing a lot and there

's been a great deal of turnover on the offensive line, the quarterback position. However they're getting David Johnson back. There are not a lot of guys in the receiver space today that have existed or have actually caught a great deal of balls, however I like where they start which's with Michael Bidwill. By far the best owner that I ever bet. He's passionate, he desires to win, he wants to do what it requires to win-- it doesn't matter. He's all in on winning and nothing else matters. Providing Steve Keim an extension to be there through 2022, it's a dazzling move. Steve's been available in and done an extraordinary task." Exactly what was his preferred play as a gamer?:"It wasn't that magnificent of exactly what I did, it was more what Larry (Fitzgerald)was able to finish with the ball. It was in 2015, it was in overtime in a playoff game versus Green Bay. Something occurred in advance, the pocket collapsed, I did a spin move-- which I got teased a lot because I'm not a spin-move sort of man-- that's not my deal. Spin relocation, I presented to the right ... I tossed it back across the field to Larry and Larry ran, I have no idea, 114 yards down the field and won the game. I guess if there's one play-- once again, aside from my extremely unathletic looking spin relocation-- the play was made by Larry and the tackles he broke and the people that were blocking downfield. "On Wilks:"I think every coach desires to ... make it their own. (Former coach Bruce Arians)did it an extremely different method than most. From exactly what I can inform, and I do not know Coach Wilks, however he appears kind of like he's going to do it his way no matter what, despite the

culture thatwas previously there. I'm thrilled about it. I'm thrilled to not be playing anymore and not be in OTAs right now and practicing football at this time of year, I'm enjoying that part of it. From a distance and watching it, you can't help however view it. "Exactly what was his favorite quarterback obstacle attire? "I had some great ones. I dressed up as a flamingo one time, which was great. In 2014 or 2015, at the end of the year, they bring out the Pro Bowl tallies. They had just come out and I had lost the quarterback difficulty bet, the pail drill, which is exactly what establishes the loser having to

dress like a fool and look like an idiot. I had been chosento the Pro Bowl, and the next day I reveal up to the video game and they had actually made like a hula shirt with a coconut shell bikini. I hadn't been in the tanning hair salon for a while and I had missed my health club routine ... my fitness center routine was a little bit off so my abs weren't. That's what happened there."


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