Best Dining Rewards Credit Card

Best dining credit cards singapore 2018

Food, the heart beat of all Singaporeans. The ideal circumstance is that you can reap all the benefits like benefits and cash back by paying with your credit card.Credit card terms and categories can be rather complicated. You may wish to look at this overview of MCC Codes for credit cardsas a reference while going down the list of credit cards.Best Dining

Charge Card Rewards: TLDR;

Credit Card Dining Perks Max. Cashback Minutes. Invest Yearly Fee
Citi Cash Back Card 8% Grocery, Dining, Get $100/Month, $25 each category $888/Month 1st Year Waived, Consequently $192.60
OCBC 365 6% Weekend Dining, 3% Weekday + Worldwide Dining $80/Month $600/Month 2 Years Waived, Subsequently $192.60
UOB YOLO 8% Weekend Dining, Entertainment, Grab, 3% Weekdays $180 $1,200 first month 1st Year Waived, Consequently $192.60
DBS Live Fresh 5% Visa payWave purchases, 0.3% other spend $60 $600/Month 1st Year Waived, Consequently $128
AMEX Real Cash Back 3% Cash Back initially 6 months $0 $0 First Year Waived, Consequently $171.20
HSBC Revolution Up to 10% off on dining, 5X Rewards on dining establishments and online food orders - $0 2 Years Waived, Consequently $160.50
UOB One Card Flat Rate Cash Back of up to 5% $300 $1,200 very first month 1st Year Waived, Consequently $192.60
Maybank Platinum Visa As much as 3.33% all local spending $100 $300/Month 3 Years Waived
DBS Woman's Card Approximately 20% off chosen restaurants - - First Year Waived, consequently $160.50
SCB Unlimited Money Back 1.5% on all regional costs, 3% on abroad spendings $0 $0 2 Years Waived, consequently $193

Here's a more comprehensive breakdown of each card:10 Best Dining Credit Cards 2018

1. Back Perks:3%Cash back for first 6 months with as much as $5000 invest Max. cashback:$0 Minutes. spend:$0 Annual charge: First year waived,$171.20 See AMEX Real Cash Back Card Reviews.6. UOB One Charge Card Review 8. Maybank Platinum Visa


  • Up to 3.33% all local (all spending, not simply classifications)
  • 0.3% rebate on overseas
  • Travel Insurance Coverage approximately $500,000

Max. Money back:

  • $100/month

Min. Invest:

  • $300/month

Annual Charge:3 years fee waiver

9. Seedly


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