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See more details on SART website Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago Advanced Fertility Fertility, IVF and Egg Contribution Egg freezing has actually been utilized in reproductive medicine for several years for fertility preservation as well as for banking of donor eggs. In the last several years egg freezing technology has actually enhanced substantially. For that reason, in the fall of 2012 the American Society for Reproductive Medication (ASRM) got rid of the “speculative” designation for egg freezing.

programs(including ours )with frozen embryos at the blastocyst phase are as excellent or perhaps much better than the success rates seen in the exact same IVF clinics utilizing fresh embryos. Eggs are more challenging to effectively freeze and thaw without damaging the cell.Eggs are frozen

using either”slow freeze “technology or vitrification which is ultra-rapid freezing. Our company believe that egg vitrification is remarkable and are utilizing it effectively at the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago.The initially infant from in vitro fertilization using fresh eggs was born in 1978. Not long after that egg donation was being done. Because then countless babies have actually been born after IVF and many studies have actually been done to see whether there are boosts in abnormality or other problems in the children.Thousands of children have actually been born following thawing of frozen eggs.

Therefore far the results are assuring regarding the health and well-being of children born utilizing frozen eggs. Although there are not big numbers of kids in the research studies there does not seem to be an increased danger to the children for abnormality or other issues for children from frozen eggs as compared to children born after IVF with fresh eggs.Egg banking provided for egg contribution is becoming more common. Egg contribution success rates are greater when using fresh eggs as compared to frozen eggs but there are some prospective benefits to utilizing frozen donor eggs: With frozen eggs there is a lower cost per cycle(per attempt)With frozen eggs there is most likely to be less waiting on a donor to be ready With frozen eggs there is more certainty regarding the number of eggs that will be available to utilize For instance, problems with

  • the donor’s ovarian stimulation procedure have already been handled when utilizing frozen donor eggs I think that gradually we will see a steady shift towards doing more frozen donor egg cycles
    • . Lots of elements will affect the rate of modification including: Schedule of frozen donor eggs and availability of donors for fresh cycles Perceptions
  • and preferences of couples requiring egg donation about problems with fresh and frozen donor egg cycles Cost concerns At the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago we have actually been