Jason’s Deli: Credit card data breach

ORLANDO, Fla. – Popular restaurant Jason’s Deli launched a lengthy list Thursday of stores affected by a data breach, where as many as two million credit card numbers could have been compromised.Four of those shops remain in Main Florida; there are 2 in Orlando, one in Melbourne and one in Lake Mary. The restaurant in Orlando on Colonial

Drive was among the locations. On Thursday, there was no signage on the

doors alerting clients of the breach.”With a lot of places, you do

n’t know how insecure your system is till somebody hacks in,” said client Akshaya Garimalla.Just prior to Christmas, payment processors told Jason’s Deli that numerous charge card numbers for sale on the dark web might be connected to their consumers and an investigation started. Jason’s Deli thinks a minimum of 2 million charge card holders simply visiting for a meal might have had their magnetic stripe copied by bad guys. The breach at the popular eatery lasted about 7 months, from June 8 through Dec. 22. Jason’s Deli is asking customers to take a look at all their statements over the last several months, just in case. Jason’s Deli is collecting info from anybody who believes their

card was compromised.So far, business is not providing any kind of credit tracking service. Anybody who believes scams must call their bank and also report it to Jason’s Deli.For a complete list of Central Florida areas affected by the breach, click on this link.